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New World Products Ltd is a New Zealand owned and operated business, specialising in household cleaning products, many of which can also be used for farm and industrial use. The extensive range includes the popular Soak 'n' Croak®, which kills moss, mould, lichen and cleans concrete and tarseal. So easy to use, just wet the area with a generous supply of Soak 'n' Croak® then forget it. There is no need to wash it off as the product dries into the moss, mould, lichen etc. and is readily absorbed by the roots to break the living organisms down and weather away.

With all our products, as we have no control over storage or use of them, no liability for accident or damage will be accepted.

New World Products operates with low overheads, so it passes on those savings to customers.

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Orange Plus®

Orange Plus® is a citrus concentrate cleaner (eco friendly) useful for a variety of chores and according to New World Products founding director, the late David Seton, proven to work with maximum impact and minimum fuss. "All of our products are very concentrated, offering fantastic value for money with loyal customers throughout New Zealand. Our aim is to provide exclusive products at unbeatable prices."

S.S.T. (Septic Soil Treatment)

A client recently asked us to advertise S.S.T. (Septic Soil Treatment) used on clay soils to help disperse the liquid, thus relieving 'hard pan' conditions, naming the active ingredient "calcium polysulphide". Calcium polysulphide was developed in the U.S.A. in 1953 and S.S.T. contains 24% calcium polysulphide. Each time the gentleman searched the web for calcium polysulphide it took him to the U.S.A. however we use this ingredient in our S.S.T. 

40 to 1 Housewash

40:1 Housewash is a mild alkaline which provides proven grease-cutting power and unlike simple caustic soda, will not react with aluminium joinery, brass or copper and will not affect tarseal.  Washes away oxidised paint, dirt, dust and grime.Because the business has low overheads it passes on those savings to customers, dispatching product as requested from the manufacturing factory in Tauranga.New products to the impressive range include Shower Maid®. Just apply and let it work its magic - no rinsing is required! Also Kwik-wash gel, hand sanitizer, used extensively in restaurants, schools and businesses to keep customers and staff safe and healthy.

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More Testimonials

David McCauley, Tauranga

"Hey Cherie, I used Soak 'n' Croak a few months back on my galvinised roof. Didn't initially see any difference and thought maybe it's not going to work. Later I noticed the heavy moss, mould and lichen had amazingly been removed on roof! Looks great; best result we've ever had. Happy to recommend your product to anyone."

Mr Gallocher, Devonport, Auckland

"Hi Cherie, used Soak 'n' Croak on 4 x squabs last week and can't believe the difference! Took away all the mould and dirt and they look brand new!"

A Smith, Hamilton​​

"It is working wonderfully well on my husband's bowling green."

Mr Kelly, Hamilton

"I used your product on half a concrete area and bought another well-known product to test on the other half of the area. After 18 months it is as I suspected, yielding the same results yet the other product is much, much more expensive.....why?"

Mr Dave Collins, Papakura

"I saved a number of azaleas with 'incurable' moss by spraying several times with a weak Soak'n'Croak solution. Brilliant flowering this year. The plants showed absolutely no symptoms of spray damage.

Yes, you can use my testimonial...Cherie. I have found it effective and safe on many plants but the azaleas in particular. I understand moss can be a significant issue with azaleas and normally may be regarded as very difficult to deal with – I found it very easy!

Regards and best wishes", 

Dave Collins


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