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SST - Septic Soil Treatment - 40 Litres

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90% of all problems with septic tank systems come from the Tile drain field.

Using S.S.T. does not mean you can avoid emptying your septic tank when required, S.S.T. is a soil amendment which can relieve existing "hard pan" conditions.

The main active ingredient is calcium polysulphide developed in the U.S.A, in 1953. S.S.T. contains 24% calcium polysulphide. S.S.T. also contains a NON-IONIC surfactant additive for grease dispersal to allow water to seep into the soil. A family of 2 adults and 2 children puts about 300,000 litres of water through a septic system each year. Usually all dishwashing detergents, soaps and clothes washing powders go into your system. All of these products contain SODIUM and cause clay soils to chemically bond into water tight layers which prevent soils from draining.

Signs to look for:

1. When your septic tank was last pumped out did substantial water flow back from the drain field? If it did then the field is probably waterlogged.

2. If your toilets, washing machine, shower etc seem slow in draining and plumbing is noisy, be suspicious of a waterlogged drain field rather than blockage of a pipe.

3. If you detect foul smells in or outside your home or find water seeping up from your drain field it could well be that your drain field is water logged.

How much SST do you need:

For normal working systems: Pour 1 cupful of S.S.T. Per week into toilet and flush. A 5 litre can should last 6 months. If added regularly it is unlikely that your system will fail because of soil problems. S.S.T cannot cope with rising water tables or floods.

For sluggish systems: Order 10 litres

Pour in 2 litres and flush. Then use 2 cupfuls- per week for 4 weeks. Then use 1 cupful a week thereafter.

For Failing or FAILED systems: Order 80 litres.

Pump out your septic tank to give your field/tile area a rest from water. Use as little water as possible by having shorter showers, less clothes washing etc. Open up the field tiled-area and pour in 75 litres of S.S.T. as a SHOCK TREATMENT.

While this is quite expensive it is only a fraction of the price you will pay to dig up and relay the entire drain field. Torn up gardens and lawns will be an eyesore for months afterwards.

How long before you will notice a difference:

If no progress within 2 weeks then:

1. You have used too little S.S.T, or
2. You have a situation where no additive will make any difference.


It is impossible to guarantee that S.S.T. will work in all situations. Rising water tables and flood waters can totally cripple any septic tank system.

Your field tile Area

Don't park vehicles over tiles as the weight will cause compaction of the soil.

Don't plant shrubs or trees near this area. Roots can be a real problem.

Don't allow water from roofs or run-offs to get into this area. It can make the area waterlogged.

The soil in the FIELD TILE AREA must be able to breathe. Keep it porous and aerated to allow bacteria in the soil to remove most of the impurities from the liquid waste.

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