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Clean smarter, not harder!

Soak 'N' Croak

Soak'n'Croak Concentrate kills moss, lichen, mildew on ANY surface. We promise!

Shower Maid

Shower Maid is a citrus cleaner/degreaser made from the peel of the orange.

40 to 1 House Wash

40 to 1 is a heavy de-greaser and can be used as a wash or to rejuvenate bare timber.

Orange Plus

General purpose cleaner, 65% active ingredient including 30% cold-pressed Orange.

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Powerful concentrated cleaning products made in New Zealand that work!

New World Products is a New Zealand owned & operated business, specialising in household cleaning products, many of which can also be used for farm and industrial use. The extensive range includes the popular Soak 'n' Croak, which kills moss, lichen, mildew and slime on roofs, desks, awnings, walls, steps, paths, cobblestones, garden furniture & umbrellas. Just wet the area with generous dose of Soak 'n' Croak and forget it. Moss, lichen and mould will weather away.

What is Soak'n'Croak?

The active ingredients of Soak'n'Croak and all similar slow release products are known as QAC's (quaternary ammonium compounds). They are all very similar in much the same way as all brands of detergents are very similar. The QAC chemicals are not readily absorbed by plants, so most manufacturers of products similar to ours use additives to achieve better absorption. Just wet the surface with a generous amount of Soak 'n' Croak and forget about it. The moss, lichen etc. will weather away.

Shower Maid

Shower Maid, a remarkable citrus cleaner and degreaser derived from orange peels. This emulsifying solution is completely free from chemicals, petroleum distillates, and detergents. Notably, it boasts a 100% environmentally friendly composition, being both biodegradable and non-toxic.

The Orange Oil (d-Limonene) used in Shower Maid exhibits significant variation in color and fragrance. Its powerful formula can effortlessly tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks in and around your home.

Experience the convenience of this concentrated, multipurpose bathroom cleaner. Simply spray your shower once a day and say goodbye to tedious scrubbing.

40 to 1 House Wash

40:1 House Wash Washes away oxidised paint, dirt, dust and grime. Because the business has low overheads it passes on those savings to customers, dispatching product as requested from the manufacturing factory in Tauranga.

Orange Plus

Orange Plus is a citrus concentrate cleaner (eco friendly) useful for a variety of chores and according to New World Products founding director, the late David Seton, proven to work with maximum impact and minimum fuss. "All of our products are very concentrated, offering fantastic value for money with loyal customers throughout New Zealand. Our aim is to provide exclusive products at unbeatable prices."


How can you use Soak'n'Croak?

Preventing Mould

Walls of showers, bathrooms, toilets, ceilings and other damp places

Swimming Pools

Winterising your pool - over winter, nothing can now grow in your pool

Cleans Driveways

Cobblestones, bricks, concrete, Hinuere stone tiles and more...

Outdoor Cleaning

Cleans Patios, Timber, Outdoor Furniture, decking and awnings

Cleaning Boats

Especially spraying those areas you fish from (after cleaning up)

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