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Innovation at the core

At New World Products, our journey began with a visionary entrepreneur, David Seton. Even in his late 70s, David's spirit for innovation and a deep commitment to providing effective solutions to everyday cleaning challenges drove him to embark on a new adventure in Tauranga. Having previously founded a thriving business in Putaruru in 1961, known as New World Products, retirement was simply not in his vocabulary.

A game-changing product

Teaming up with a chemist, David laid the foundation for a company dedicated to distributing top-notch cleaning products. In a market dominated by giants like 'Wet and Forget,' David introduced a game-changing product and an unforgettable slogan, 'Soak‘n’Croak'!

Today, New World Products proudly stands as a New Zealand-owned and operated business specialising in household cleaning products, with applications extending to farms and industrial settings. We've come a long way since our inception, fueled by a deep passion for CREATING PRODUCTS THAT WORK, and make life easier for people.

Embracing the roots

Cherie Randles, a dedicated member of the New World Products family from its earliest conceptual stages, took the reins of the company after David's passing. Under her leadership, Soak'n'Croak has thrived for over two decades, and we've expanded our product range to include household favourites like Orange Plus, Shower Maid, and 40:1 House Wash.

Now, with the addition of Cherie's son, Jon Randles, New World Products has once again embraced its roots as a family business. We warmly invite you to explore our website and discover the exceptional range of products we offer.

Soak 'N' Croak

The ultimate moss, mould, lichen, and mildew eliminator, suitable for a variety of surfaces.

Shower Maid

A derivative of Orange Plus infused with cold-pressed orange oil, making cleaning a breeze.

40 to 1 House Wash

40 to 1 House Wash is a non-caustic cleaner that packs powerful cleaning abilities.

Orange Plus

A versatile citrus concentrate cleaner that simplifies your household chores.

What sets us apart?

Our products are highly concentrated, ensuring incredible value for your hard-earned money. Plus, our streamlined business operations translate into cost savings that we pass on to our valued customers.

At New World Products, we have a mission: to provide environmentally friendly solutions that enable you to work smarter, not harder. Our commitment to helping people shines through in everything we do. Join us on this journey to cleaner, more efficient living.


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