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Explore the NZ made Cleaning range that works!

Discover our range of four cleaning products proudly made in New Zealand, offering effective and environmentally friendly solutions for diverse cleaning requirements. Whether you need to tackle moss and lichen or desire a seamless shower cleaning experience, our products deliver consistent and reliable performance while upholding our commitment to sustainability. Experience the difference with our eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

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Soak 'N' Croak

Soak 'n' Croak is a renowned concentrated cleaning solution that effectively eliminates moss, lichen, mildew, and slime from various surfaces. It can be used on roofs, decks, awnings, walls, steps, pathways, cobblestones, garden furniture, and umbrellas.

Shower Maid

Shower Maid, a remarkable citrus cleaner and degreaser derived from orange peels. This emulsifying solution is completely free from chemicals, petroleum distillates, and detergents. Notably, it boasts a 100% environmentally friendly composition, being both biodegradable and non-toxic.

40 to 1 House Wash

40:1 House Wash  Washes away oxidised paint, dirt, dust and grime. Because the business has low overheads it passes on those savings to customers, dispatching product as requested from the manufacturing factory in Tauranga.

Orange Plus

Orange Plus is a citrus concentrate cleaner (eco friendly) useful for a variety of chores and according to New World Products founding director, the late David Seton, proven to work with maximum impact and minimum fuss.


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