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What is Soak n Croak?

The active ingredients of Soak'n'Croak ® and all similar slow release products are known as QAC's (quaternary ammonium compounds). They are all very similar in much the same way as all brands of detergentsl are very similar. The QAC chemicals are not readily absorbed by plants, so most manufacturers of products similar to ours use additives to achieve better absorption. Just wet the surface with a generous amount of Soak 'n' Croak® and forget about it. The moss, lichen etc. will weather away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much difference do additives make in Soak'n'Croak?

Additives can improve performance by 15-20%. Foaming during application is not a problem when suitable additives are included in the concentrate.

What you should know about Chemicals

There is not a better product than Soak'n'Croak on hardware shop shelves which should be regularly purchased by professional cleaners for killing moss, lichen, mould and slime and cleaning roofs, cobblestones, and more.

The Reason

The other products are not good value for money. Chlorine and Caustic products have been "reinvented" and renamed. Unfortunately, these other products have some inherent damaging properties which cannot be avoided when used frequently. Chlorine bleaches colours, rusts metals, destroys stitches and ruins clothing instantly. Caustic attacks the mortar in brick and stonework, can remove anodising from aluminium joinery very quickly. Caustic is the main ingredient in oven cleaners.

Weak Products - Diluted too much

Some products (similar to our Soak 'n' Croak ® ) are being sold claiming to be effective for general use at 1 % active ingredient spray mix. We consider this is bad advice as this strength will only do the easy jobs. We know the product works best at 2% active ingredient.



1. There is no better product available
2. Peace of mind. No property damage
3. Our prices are extremely competitive, and....
4. Environmentally friendly.

We make a 30% concentrate which you can dilute 1-16 water, to make a 2% spray mix.

Competitors make a 10% concentrate diluting 1-4 water, to make a 2% spray mix.

Therefore Soak 'n' Croak ® concentrate produces 3 times the volume of spray mix.

The result is that you will save 50% to 70% when buying 5 litres to 200 litres.

Franchised Commercial Cleaners

Without any encouragement from us, we find some of our regular repeat customers are franchised cleaners for HIRE A HUBBY, "Jim's Mowing" etc.

Professional cleaners avoid "might work" products. They cannot escape the anger of home owners with damaged property.

Artificial Turf

We have had a letter from a Whangarei bowling club thanking us for the very satisfactory result when using Soak'n'Croak ® on their "Green Gage" turf. We have also had repeat orders from the Wellsford Bowling club.

Saw Mill Use

A Kaikoura timber mill is using Soak'n'Croak ® to prevent Sap Stain on freshly sawn timber, we recommend diluting 1 -20 minimum, 1 -30 maximum.

Cafe Use (To combat Sugar Growths in Drains)

Syrups such as Coke, Pepsi etc dripping from dispensers usually generate film forming bacteria which will create a leather like lining in drain pipes which is impossible to remove with any chemicals. You can prevent this by putting a litre of 1 part "Soak'n'Croak ® " to 20 parts water down every sink once a week. (Leave it there, don't rinse it out.) Soak'n'Croak ® is compatible with all normal detergents.

Monumental Masonry

Ever wondered how to keep gravesite masonry free of grime day in day out?

Soak 'n' Croak® has been purchased for just such job! We are told it works very well to keep the stone free of moss, mould and lichen. When you visit you can spray masonry so it is quite wet then forget the job giving a lasting effect. When you visit the next time, you will see Soak 'n' Croak® continue to work as time goes by.

Ashfelt / Tarsealed

One of our regular customers purchased Soak 'n' Croak for a huge job - tarsealed runway for a provincial airstrip. Used 1:9 to do the job with a sprayboom over a 10,000 sqm (1 x ha) area. Soak 'n' Croak kills germs too so is good for those tarsealed tennis courts that the family play on.


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